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Real Name: Christopher Anderson
Alias: He uses the name Christine/Christina when he makes himself look like a girl.
Meaning to Name: There's not really any symbolic reason for his name. He was just lucky enough to learn about it when he came out of his grave and read it on his headstone.
Nickname(s): That Little boy, Freckles, Little Shit, Dirty Boy (He is always first seen wearing dusty and dirty clothes), Devil Child.
Age: Always says he's 8 years old but he's actually 35
D.O.B: He wasn't technically born, unless you count his resurrection which was on June 13, 1981
D.O.D: June 12, 1981
Birthplace: Salem, Oregon (might change this later...)
Language: English
Voice: Typical sweet childish voice, but he can also change his voice to mimic other people and sometimes even sounds.
Current Residence: He could be considered a wanderer since he rarely stays in one place for long, but if he does stay in a certain area it's usually due to him finding something very entertaining or he's attached to something/someone.
Gender: male, but he can easily make himself look like a girl
Species/Race: Undead/Demon child
Status: Alive and Active
Cause of Death: Miscarriage
Alliance: None, he prefers to work alone although he might stay with an adult if he gets lonely.
Occupation: Hide and seek professional (just for fun)
Weapon(s): He usually uses  his teeth that are hidden above his regular ones or a set of rectractible nails if he's in his monster form (this is only for close combat). Since he spends most of his time in wooded areas he like to set traps around where he sleeps like snares and other simple things like that.
Apache foot traps are his favorite to set.……
Method of Killing: He lures other children and sometimes adults into the woods with him, disguised as a child with dirty clothes. He gets them to play a game with him like hide and seek or tag. He will always insist that he be it. Then, he will change into his monster form and pick off his targets one by one. If a victim gets caught in a trap and he sees them he will waist no time in running over and ripping their throat open with his teeth. After the victim is dead he'll drag the body back to wherever he is currently living and then try and look like them by stealing their clothes.
Most of the time he kills by delivering a venomous bite to his victims body. The venom of the bite will slowly slow down the victim's brain and heart until they stop working completely. Once the victim is immobilized and completely dead the venom will liquefy their insides into a bloody pulp to be sucked up by Chris. The venom does not effect the skin of a victim and it is unknown why. Chris then eats the skin whole and this allows him to apply his victims appearance to himself.
Goal/Reason to Kill: He needs to consume flesh and blood in order to survive, but he also kills out of jealousy of other children. He never had the chance to actually be born and raised by loving parents, so he feels happiness when he kills other children. Sometimes he even disguises himself as the children he kills and goes back to their families to try and live the life of the child.  This never lasts long, as he usually ends up tormenting the parents and killing them or just running away.
"I found you..."
(this is all I have for now...)
Theme song: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by Set It Off, and "Unborn's Lullaby" by Myuuji
Special Item(s): A black and white photo of Chris and his Childhood friend/Crush holding hands, and a single Robin's feather. He keeps these items in the front pocket of his overalls at all times. They are the most precious things in the world to him and if they were to be lost or taken away from him, he would do anything to get them back even if it means getting himself hurt or he would just break down and wouldn't be able to function properly with his true personality showing much more easily.
Likes: Going outside, bullying other kids, messing with adults, pulling dangerous pranks, getting praise by adults, getting other people in trouble for his own actions, playing mind games, listening to and looking at birds; especially robins.
Fear(s): Dying again, even though he's already died once.
Getting emotionally attached to someone. This happened to him once when he was actually eight years old and it devastated him when he lost that person.
Stairs. This is the reason he died before he was born. He will never go up or down any flights of stairs unless he has someone to carry him. He will always take a longer route if he encounters a flight of stairs even if it is inconvenient.
Backstory: His Mother was fifteen when she had gotten pregnant with Chris, her mother was very mentally abusive towards her and Chris's father had left town, and when the mother found out she urged her daughter to get an abortion but she refused every time and promised she was going to run away. After 8 months of pregnancy the mother had enough and decided to get rid of the baby herself. She made her daughter fall down the stairs and so Chris died. The mother fell into a deep depression and let her mother take complete control of her.
Chris came back, as he was buried in a cemetery. He was fortunate enough to learn his own name on his headstone.
CreepyPasta Story: Not written yet. Bluh Bluh :P


Orientation: Biromantic/Asexual
Relationship: None, although he did have a crush once when he was younger
Grandfather: Robert Anderson, Deceased
Grandmother: Marjorie Anderson, Deceased
Father: Bobby Sullivan, Not present/Alive
Mother: Pheobe Anderson, Not present/Alive
Siblings: None
Allies/Friends: None/Whoever he's manipulated into being his "friends" at the moment.
Rivals/Enemies: Everyone? (I know it sounds edgy as fuck, so I'll try to fix this later too...)

Hair: Blonde straight hair that parts to the right
Skin: Fair and covered in freckles
Eyes: Large and round with baby blue irises
Height: 50 Inches
Weight: 56Ibs
Outfit: A pair of dirty overalls, a striped red and yellow t-shirt, and scuffed red and white sneakers.
Accessories: A worn braided leather bracelet that's colored red, blue and purple. Worn on right hand.
Distinguishing Features: A large ugly scar that goes down from the back of his neck to his tailbone.


Disorder(s): (I don't think so... >_>)
Abilities/Strengths: Climbing things at impossible angles like climbing on walls and the ceiling, slipping into small spaces, twisting his body into painful looking positions, High speed, High agility, and quick reflexes.
He is surprisingly immune to religion. No amount of crosses, holy water, or belief in a god will be able to keep him away.
Weaknesses/Faults: His small physic and minimum muscle definition leaves him pretty weak and he can easily be taken down and held by his arms and legs, so he relies heavily on his speed, agility, and accuracy for his attacks. Relying on these traits excessively often tends to tire him out and it can spell disaster for him if the fight is prolonged. If he can't land a few critical blows on the first try he will usually run away.
Underneath the human-like skin he wears is a very soft, very delicate, easily damaged body. His entire monster form's texture is just like a fetus and is always covered in a very slimy black colored mucus membrane. When he's not wearing his protective layer of skin he is susceptible to salt, sunlight, and certain metals like iron and silver.
Pouring salt in his protective layer of skin will leave him unable to put it back on as salt burns him. Even when he wears his protective skin he will never dare cross any line of salt.
If caught in broad daylight without his skin he will start to bubble and crack until finally drying up completely. Without the moisture of the mucus he will die.
Finally, iron and silver will also cause him to burn and thus he is afraid of it. He won't have the courage to escape if he is enclosed in an area with an iron fence unless there is an opening somewhere.

(Rate from 1-10, 10 being the highest/best)

Intelligence: 9
Strength: 2
Speed: 8
Agility: 8
Endurance: 4-5 depending on situation
Stamina: 7
Balance: 10
Tolerance: 6


Chris - Creepypasta/Horror OC Bio(Incomplete)
Here it is finally! But of course it's incomplete... :iconlazycryplz:
I'll try my best to finish it, although I might need a little help. Feel free to comment your thoughts! I'll be more than happy to know your opinion on Chris's Bio and collect any suggestions that you give me to him better.
Give me a big smile :) - Lineart
Lineart for a portrait of my little baby Chris <3
He has a second set of sharp teeth above his regular teeth. I got the idea from the vampires from Supernatural :P


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